B2ten – Dare To Be Great

We believe that sport & active lifestyles are essential to building a healthy and dynamic Canadian society

Through the generosity of the private sector we support select amateur athletes so that they may attain their full athletic and personal potential.

“Without question, the B2ten nutrition program, and all of the subsequent opportunities that came from it, has uplifted my skills and that of the other professionals who were lucky enough to be invited to the program. Ultimately, this has resulted in providing the best possible service to some of the finest amateur and professional athletes in Canada.”

— JENNIFER SYGO (Sports Nutritionist for Gymnastics Canada, Athletics Canada, Swimming Canada and the Toronto Raptors)

“Since starting to work with B2ten, our preparation, confidence and performance has increased exponentially. With access to the best professional service providers in their fields, we are able to manage the physical and mental stresses of our sport in ways we never knew were possible. We just wouldn’t be where we are today without them.”

— SARAH PAVAN AND MELISSA HUMANAPAREDES (Beach Volleyball World Champions)

“B2ten’s involvement has been a game changer for Ellie Black and Gymnastics Canada this year. As part of Ellie’s integrated support team, this has allowed us to take her physical preparation to the next level. B2ten also gave the opportunity for me to support the entire team at World Championships, as they qualified and prepared for Tokyo 2020.”

— MARTHA PURDY (Physiotherapist & Osteopath for Gymnastics Canada)

“It means so much to me because these past couple of months I was living a nightmare. And here I was today, riding on my board. I came out with the Gold medal, so I am living a dream. Having the support of B2ten that allowed for JF Ménard, my mental performance coach, to be present in Norway was a key element to my successful return to competition.”

— MAXENCE PARROT (Snowboard Slopestyle, Olympic Silver Medalist)

We contribute to building a healthy and dynamic society.