goldB2ten exists to have a significant impact on sport in Canada


Using a business-based approach we pursue our purpose through three endeavours:



Pillar 1 – Provides select Olympic athletes a best-case scenario for success

We do so using individualized, customized training and preparation programs while intentionally sharing our signature processes with the sport community at large.


Pillar 2 – Drives professional development and organizational performance enhancement at the elite level of the amateur sport system

We do so through the support and development of coaches and professional service providers as well as the seeding of new technical professionals within the system and the delivery of unique educational programs.


Pillar 3 – Builds the base for future success in Olympic sport by activating young people’s involvement in sport and physical activity.

We do so by seeding the concept of Physical Literacy across Canada so that young people will acquire movement skills that will lead them towards healthy, active lives.